Gall stones are one of the commonest causes of abdominal pain. About 5 -8 % of adult population of India has gall stones and it is common above the age of 40 years and in women. Of these about 50 to 70 % patient are asymptomatic.

The distinction between symptomatic and asymptomatic gallstones is difficult because symptoms can be mild and varied. However, there are some specific and classical symptoms of Gall stone disease. It is important to know these symptoms, so that appropriate management is done early and complications can be prevented.

1.      The commonest symptom is usually a severe spasmodic pain in right upper abdomen usually after a fatty meal that may last for a few minutes to a few hours

2.      Mild upper abdominal discomfort / heart burn and nausea with or without vomiting may be a common mild symptom

3.      Severe right upper abdominal pain may radiate to right shoulder or right lower back.

4.      Low grade fever with chills may suggest infection or inflammation of gall bladder if associated with pain

5.      Yellow coloured eyes and urine with light coloured stools suggests jaundice. This occurs when stones slip out from the gall bladder and obstruct the bile duct.

6.      Severe pain in upper part of abdomen with pain left side and back may result from the slipped stone blocking another duct called the pancreatic duct. This causes inflammation of the pancreas , called pancreatitis , which is sometimes another complication of Gall stones.

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